Interior Design and Furniture


Bruton work with some of UK’s best designers on all aspects of interior and exterior design, refurbishment, property dressing and furniture rental or purchase.

Access to these services means that our client’s properties can be presented to their greatest advantage, maximising the sales price or rental income, whilst minimising void periods.



Why do I need an interior designer?

Many of our clients have a wonderful sense of style and specific ideas about pieces, colours, and fabrics. These details, however, aren’t enough to create successful interiors. Professional designers see the big picture, helping to clarify the overall vision for your space and how you want it to feel. With years of expertise, deep knowledge of brands, and longstanding client relationships, they progress their projects to smooth finishes and prevent costly mistakes along the way.



Should I furnish my rental investment?

Offering your property furnished will attract tenants that want to be able to move in straight away. Around 80% of tenants are looking for fully furnished ‘turnkey’ apartments so they can arrive with just a suitcase. A high proportion of overseas tenants expect high quality furnishings from professional interior design companies. Tenants renting new build apartments have a lot of choice so the quality of furniture can be a deal breaker.

Those renting from overseas who don’t have time or the inclination to go shopping for furniture will tend to opt for apartments that come with everything.

Significant investment in the re-development of parts of cities such as London has changed the dynamics of renting as well as tenants’ expectations.



How involved will I need to be in the interior design process?

As your project begins, we’ll need your detailed input to help establish your style, functional needs, and other objectives. Once your design plan is drafted and approved, you can choose to participate in as little or as much of the decision-making as you’d like. Some clients prefer a hands-off approach while others want to be an active part of the process.



Should I temporarily furnish (home stage) my home to sell or let?

Home staging is the art of presenting spaces for sale. Staged interiors are temporary installs designed to appeal to a broad range of potential buyers or renters. The goal is to make those buyers/renters easily see themselves living there, triggering the desire for a space that motivates quick, high offers.


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