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Read our landlord frequently asked questions below:

Do I need to provide smoke and carbon monoxide alarms?

It is a legal requirement that smoke alarms are provided on every habitable floor of a rental property and are in working order on the day the tenancy starts. The alarms can either be mains or battery operated and the tenants are responsible for testing them regularly throughout the tenancy and replacing any batteries as required. You should make a note of the date tested and the number of alarms in the property.

A carbon monoxide alarm must be provided in every room with a solid fuel appliance. Bruton strongly advise that an alarm is also provided for rental properties with gas appliances as good practice.



Should I allow pets in my property?

There are some benefits to allowing pets in your rental property, especially given that almost half of people are pet owners (46%). Since many landlords are unwilling to accept tenants with pets, allowing them will instantly expand your potential pool of tenants. There is also a small group of landlords who prefer renting to pet owners because they find them to be more responsible and they tend to stay long term due to a short supply of other pet friendly properties. As a landlord, there are steps you can take to protect your property from any damage that pets may cause. Under the Tenant Fee Ban, you can charge an extra monthly “pet rent” for your property in lieu of a large deposit.



Gas Safety Certificates?

A compulsory test proving that gas appliances and supply points in the property are safe.

GSCs must be renewed every 12 months by a registered engineer who will check the flue and appliance. Even if we don't manage your rental portfolio, we can assist you with arranging these checks.

Tenants must have a copy of the new GSC within 28 days of the check-in.



What happens to my tenant’s deposit?

Landlord’s and Letting Agents are required to register a tenant’s deposit with an approved Tenancy Deposit Scheme. Bruton ask for a deposit which is the equivalent of five weeks rent (the maximum amount allowed under The Tenant Fee Ban June 2019 for rent under £50,000 per annum) and this is registered with and held by the TDS Custodial Scheme.

Rental properties which achieve over £50,000 per annum in rent can charge a maximum of six weeks deposit.



Anti-Money Laundering?

Standard checks performed to confirm the identity and authenticity of any funds involved in a transaction.

AML is a legal requirement for all estate agents, with HMRC targeting any criminal activity in the property sector. Every time you market a property with an estate agent, you'll need to provide a valid photo ID and a recent utility bill. We will perform these same checks on your prospective tenants as well.



Right to Rent

It is a legal requirement to thoroughly check a tenant's right to rent a property in the UK.

All prospective tenants over 18 years of age must be checked.

It is important that either you or your agent meets the tenant in person before keys to the property are released.



Do I need Landlord Insurance?

It is strongly advised that a landlord has adequate insurance in place to protect them from financial loss as a result of damage to the property, arising from amongst others, fire, flood and natural disaster. You may want to check that this includes your carpets, curtains, fixtures and fittings as tenants are only responsible for insuring their own contents. You may also want to check with your mortgage provider, as it may be a stipulated requirement.



Do I need a Legionella Risk Assessment?

It is a legal requirement for a Landlord or Letting Agent to carry out a Risk Assessment and records must be kept for at least five years. You do not need to employ a contractor to carry out the work for you as it can be done by any “responsible person”.



Energy Performance Certificate

An EPC is a compulsory review of how energy efficient a property is. It is a legal requirement for landlords to have a valid EPC in place with a minimum band E rating before the property is advertised for let.

An EPC measures the energy efficiency of a property using a scale of A-G and is valid for 10 years. Legislation specific to lettings requires properties let on a new tenancy, or renewed on a fixed term, to have an EPC rating of band A-E. It is not legal to let a property on an EPC rating of band F or G - from April 2020 all existing tenancies must meet the minimum band E rating too. There are exemptions for certain properties, and these have to be registered on the Government’s exemptions register - here

Contact us for advice on renewing or improving your EPC rating or visit the national EPC register to check a property rating.




London property licensing varies from borough to borough, making it tricky to keep up with changing legislation in different parts of the city.

As a landlord with Bruton, we will keep you informed about all licensing requirements where you have rental properties and can also assist with your license application from start to finish.



Do I need an Electrical Safety Certificate and PAT?

An Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) assesses the safety of the existing electrical installation within a property and describes its condition. The assessment will cover consumer units (fuse boards), protective bonding, lighting, switches, sockets etc.

From 1st July 2020 all new tenancies (including renewals) will need an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) with a rating of ‘satisfactory’. All existing tenancies will need a valid EICR with a rating of ‘satisfactory’ from 1st April 2021.

The Portable Appliance Test (PAT) ensures all portable electrical appliances in your property are tested and approved as safe to use. The resulting PAT certificate documents the safety testing of portable electrical appliances e.g. fridge/freezer, washing machine, toaster etc.



Clean and Check-in?

Rental properties must be clean when a tenant moves in, and a check-in records the state of the property at the time. This makes both the move-in and move-out process run smoothly and minimises disagreements and delays when claiming for cleaning or damages at the end of a tenancy.

We advise a professional clean before the move-in date and an independent inventory at check-in to record the exact condition of all spaces inside and outside the property.


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