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Bruton’s new home sales team can assist on individual and bulk purchases across a wide range of developments. Whether you are buying your primary residence, or looking to purchase a property as an investment, we will be able to give you the best advice possible.

From your initial enquiry, we identify the best options available in the market, secure and then complete your purchase, whilst also offering to guide you through the lettings and property management process if required.



New Home Advantages

No Chain

One of the biggest advantages of buying a new build is the fact you won’t be buying into a chain. That means, as soon as your finances are in place, you can look to complete the purchase.

It also removes the risk of being gazumped and can help make the whole house move less stressful. However, be aware that once you have agreed to buy a new build, the developers will often set a deadline for when you need to complete by. This can add pressure if you need to sell your own property to fund the move.



Low Maintenance

New build properties are built to the latest regulations and specifications, meaning that it’s unlikely you’ll need to worry about repairs for a while. They also come with a 10-year NHBC warranty to cover structural defects. Add to this the fact many home builders offer their own warranties too, and you’ll definitely gain some peace of mind when buying a new build.



Influence the Final Finish

If your chosen new build is still being built, it may be possible to influence the exact finish inside the property.

This could be things like your choice of flooring, tile colour, or even minor alterations to layout.

Whatever it is, it gives you the chance to make the property ‘yours’ and reduce the need to change anything once you move in.



Government Incentives

Depending on your eligibility, it may be possible to benefit from government incentives such as Help To Buy when buying new a build property. Many such incentives are only available on new builds.



More Energy Efficient

As new build properties are built to the latest specifications and building standards, they are often more energy efficient than older properties.

In a country where energy costs seem to be ever-increasing, this can lead to significant savings on your energy bills over the coming years.



Everything Is Brand New

Many people love the fact that no-one else has lived in a new build property before them. That means everything is brand new and should be spotlessly clean.



Completion Date

Depending on which stage of the build process the developers are at, the house or apartment you buy may not actually be built yet. That means if you reserve your property a number of years before completion, house builders tend to offer you discount on reserving in advance.


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