Lettings & Property Management Services

Letting and Rent Collection

Bruton will cover every aspect of letting up to the tenant moving into your property. You benefit from our extensive contacts, marketing, online portals and advice on maximising your rental income. Negotiating the best possible terms of a tenancy is nowadays quite complex and we are experienced at gaining every possible advantage to you.

Suitable for: Landlords who understand current tenancy legislation and who are available 24/7 to deal with every eventuality during the tenancy. Landlords are able to deal with their own check-in, repairs and check- out but who want the financial aspects of the tenancy professionally administered.

letting and rent collection Initial visit to your property by an experienced Bruton manager

letting and rent collection Assessment of your requirements and the best marketing strategy to suit you

letting and rent collection Discussion on rent level and advice on legal aspects of letting

letting and rent collection Enhanced marketing through Bruton’s network including oversea affiliates

letting and rent collection Prominent display on www.brutonproperty.co.uk including photos, floor plans & EPC

letting and rent collection Listing with the very best property portals in the UK – Rightmove

letting and rent collection Your property instantly notified to applicants by telephone, text message and email

letting and rent collection Regular editorial and advertising by Bruton

letting and rent collection Viewing accompanied by a member of our letting team

letting and rent collection Negotiation of all terms of the tenancy agreement

letting and rent collection Comprehensive referencing procedure including a credit reference on your tenant

letting and rent collection A bespoke tenancy agreement, updated with the latest legislation

letting and rent collection Carrying out of Inventory and schedule of condition

letting and rent collection Holding of the tenant’s deposit, registering it with the TDS and administration of its release

letting and rent collection Service of the correct legal notice as the tenancy end approaches, if required

letting and rent collection Negotiation by Bruton of applicable new rent level if the tenancy is renewed

letting and rent collection Automatic re-marketing at least 2 months before the existing tenant leaves

letting and rent collection Continuing expert advice from Bruton

letting and rent collection Property maintenance and emergency repairs carried out by the landlord

letting and rent collection Rent collection by Bruton with rent transferred into your account electronically

letting and rent collection Printed annual statement for you and/or your tax advisor

Fee: 8% plus VAT (9.6% Inc VAT) of the rent for the term of the tenancy.



Comprehensive Full Management

Bruton handle everything. You retain control of non-routine expenditure. We include two detailed inspection reports each year plus an optional on-site Annual Property Appraisal meeting with your property manager (this is a 3rd inspection – please contact us to arrange with at least 7 days’ notice).

Suitable for: The majority of landlords who want a professional service to complement their property and ensure maximum ongoing income.

letting and rent collection Bruton transfers utilities and council tax for all tenancies

letting and rent collection Check-in of your tenant by a specialist 3rd party company

letting and rent collection Check-out of your tenant by a specialist 3rd party company at the end of tenancy

letting and rent collection 2-3 inspections of your property, with photographs and videos for reassurance or to spot developing issues

letting and rent collection Negotiation of the deposit allocation, and handover to the TDS, should this become necessary

letting and rent collection Bruton maintain your property using proven reliable contractors

letting and rent collection Annual Property Appraisal meeting on-site with your property manager, at your request

letting and rent collection Seamless management of any upgrades and refurbishment needed

If needed, project management of the sale of your property through our dedicated sales team.

Fee: 12% plus VAT (13.2% Inc VAT) of the rent. Including the Letting and Rent collection service.

fully managed service

Fully Managed service

Our most comprehensive landlord service takes all the weight off your shoulders. When you choose our Fully Managed Service, we handle the day-to-day tasks that come with being a landlord, so you get all the rewards of letting a property without having the stress.

fully managed service

Lettings and Rent collection

Let us handle the laborious and time-consuming tasks that are part and parcel of being a landlord. We will find and reference prospective tenants, handle legal documents, oversee property maintenance, manage everyday matters and oversee check-outs for you. Even collecting your rent is easy: we'll transfer it directly to your bank account.

fully managed service

The right tenants

When we start a tenant search, we're looking for the right tenant, not just any tenant. Spending the time to find a quality individual or family at the outset saves time, money and hassle further down the line. That's why we refuse to take shortcuts when looking for the ideal person to live in your property.

fully managed service

Looking after your property

Wear and tear is an inevitable part of being a landlord, but it needn't be a drain on your time. We have a retained property management department, so we can quickly and easily appoint a trusted and qualified contractor from our network to carry out work on your property.

fully managed service

Tailored services

We offer several tailored services that you can choose from. With everything from straightforward marketing of your property and tenant referencing through to full property management available, you're sure to find the package that is right for your experience and situation. Simply choose the level of support that you want.

fully managed service

Make the most of your property

Our clients find that working with us helps them to make the most of their investment property. We would be delighted to speak to you and help you maximise return on your property.

Contact Bruton for more information on 020 7459 4696 or email info@brutonproperty.co.uk.

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